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Welcome to the Close Range Combat Academy UK


We are the only official representatives of the Randy Williams Close Range Combat Academy in the UK. We teach Wing Chun in Derby, Nottingham, Long Eaton, Leicester, Cheltenham and Cornwall.

The purpose of this site is to introduce The Academy, the art of Wing Chun and also to provide details of your nearest CRCA UK club.

To find out when the next beginners classes start, click here.


Hip Hop vs Martial Arts Part 2 by Sanjay Jalporte

Our Leicester instructor, Sanjay Jalporte wrote this essay about two of his main interests - Wing Chun and Hip Hop, and the similarities between them. He's now followed that up with another article on the same subject. Check it out here.

Leicester Beginners Class

The next beginners class at Leicester will commence on 18th June. As usual there will be a 6 week window starting from this date in which you can join the class.

Please see here for more information or contact us.

Siu Leem Tau Seminar on 5th April

On Saturday 5 April CRCA Leicester instructor Sanjay Jalporte will be holding a Siu Leem Tau seminar.

Read on for details...

The Iron Palm 108 108

Jason and a few others are taking on the challenge of the Iron Palm "108 108". Read on for a message from Jason which explains what that is. Maybe you'd like to join in yourself?

Biu Jee Sunday Seminar Class 23rd February

Jason is holding a mini-seminar on Biu Jee on Sunday 23rd February. Read on for a note from Jason containing more details...

Beginners Dates Announced

Dates for the next beginners classes have been announced as follows:
- Long Eaton: 17th February
- Derby: 25th February
- Nottingham: 27th February

Please see here for more information or contact us.

As usual there will be a 6 week windows starting from the above dates in which you can join the classes.

CRCA Leicester Royal Legion Donation

CRCA Leicester have just made their annual donation to the Royal Legion. Please read on for a few words from CRCA Leicester Instructor Sanjay Jalporte...

Christmas Openings

Our clubs will be closed on the following days over Christmas:
- Long Eaton on 23rd December (but IS open on the 30th December)
- Derby on 24th December and 31st December
- Leicester on 25th December and 1st January
- Nottingham on 26th December

Siu Leem Tau Mini Seminar 24th November

CRCA Leicester's Sanjay Jalporte will be holding a mini-seminar on Siu Leem Tau Form applications on 24th November 9:30 to 2pm. It will be at his home in Leicester and will cost £20. If you are on Siu Leem Tau level or would just like experience some San Sau maybe never seen before, you'll find it worthwhile attending. If you'd like to go, please contact Sanjay directly or speak to another of our instructors for more information.

Randy Williams UK Seminar October 12th and 13th

As most of you are aware the founder of CRCA Sifu Randy Williams will be holding his annual 2 day seminar with us this coming October.

The dates and subjects are:
- Saturday October 12th: Siu Leem Tau – Form, Contents, Drills and Applications
- Sunday October 13th: Chum Kiu – Form, Contents, Drills and Applications

The running times are 10am until 5pm with breaks.

It will be held at the Long Eaton class Dojo at The Martial Arts Centre, Field Farm Road, Long Eaton, NG10 3FZ.

The price is £45 for one day and £70 for the 2 days.

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